Rhinestoning 101 for Dummies

The holidays are quickly approaching and that usually means society gears up for the festive season with tons of lights, over-the-top holiday decorations and displaying the images of a fat guy in a red suit ubiquitously; however, for crafters around the world, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas provide the perfect season of three straight months where you can craft continuously and as much as your heart desires without anyone judging you for it. Just one look at Pinterest right now and there can be no doubt that the holidays are upon us.

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One way that you can spruce up decorations bought during previous years or make anything look new again is to add some bling, or rhinestones if you will, to it.

Rhinestones are the quintessential way to add sparkle and bling to any craft project. The amazing thing about rhinestones is that you can literally glue them to almost anything. Rhinestones are a perfect way to spruce up and add some much needed bling to simple items around your house or dorm room or apartment. So here it is, Rhinestoning 101 for Dummies.

The Five Rules of Rhinestones

1. Not all rhinestones are created equal. Rhinestones of better quality sparkle and shine more, obviously. A very popular and prestigious brand is Swarvoski. You can never go wrong with Swarvoski.

2. Rhinestones come in a variety of colors, cuts and shapes and to a rhinestoning newbie, it can be quite confusing sometimes. In order to get a grip on everything visit The Rhinestone Guy to get a basic understanding of what is what.

3. Any dancer, cheerleader, gymnast or baton twirler will tell you that the best glue to use for rhinestones is the incredible E-6000. With industrial strength able to withstand even the Arizonian heat, this glue will guarantee rhinestone gluing success; however, be careful it can be stringy, literally, so be careful with how much you use.

4. Applying the glue can be difficult without getting it everywhere. One great trick is to load the glue into syringes. Yes, medical syringes.  You can purchase small medical syringes in bulk online by visiting here where you can buy 100 3mL syringes for around $20.

5. Rhinestones can either be patience-testing or therapeutic. Sit down with that wonderful wine glass you crafted last week and enjoy the repetitious but oh-so-worth-it action of rhinestoning.

In honor of Halloween coming up, this week’s craft is dedicated to those of you who are tired of the traditional pumpkin carving ritual. How ’bout we rhinestone a pumpkin instead?

Here is a list of online rhinestone companies. Be warned, they are not cheap.

Rhinestone Guy                         Dream Time Creations                 Dance Shopper   

But if all this seems too complicated you can always take a trip down to your local crafts store or visit Michaels, Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby to find cheaper quality rhinestones and a limited selection of Swarovski crystals.

Happy Crafting! ❤