Tom the Turkey Thanksgiving Wreath

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it’s time for the only holiday, or day for that matter, of the year where eating 2,000 calories in one meal in completely acceptable. It’s time for Thanksgiving! Although this holiday can be overshadowed by the mighty and powerful Christmas, holiday lovers across America need to stand up for Turkey Day and make the gobble known across the states.

Briana Galati, a 20-year old ASU student, believes that Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. “I can’t stand it when Thanksgiving is taken over by Christmas,” she said. “This holiday actually celebrates giving thanks for your blessings in life while Christmas is largely based know-a-days on presents.”

Jory Nance of ASU agrees as well. “Although decorating and getting in the ‘Christmas’ spirit right away in November is tempting, I love it when Thanksgiving gets the attention and appreciation it deserves.”

One way you can pay homage to the turkey is by creating a fun and very creative tulle wreath of Tom the Turkey. After scouring Pinterest for hours, stumbling upon this craft was a jackpot. Tom makes a great Thanksgiving accessory and can be placed on your front door or anywhere in your home that is lacking that Turkey Day spirit. Although he is a bit pricey for your average “college” budget craft, Tom will win over the hearts of everyone who visits your home and create that missing Thanksgiving feeling we all need.

Isn’t he just adorable?! Have fun making your own variations of Tom the Turkey!

Babies Rabies also has a monster tulle wreath that you can prepare for next year’s Halloween if you so desire!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy crafting!


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