Snow Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Once you’re nice and uncomfortably full from Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to start preparing for the mother of all holidays, Christmas! And every college student knows, decorating your dorm room or apartment with your roommates is half the fun of the holiday season. So heat up some hot cocoa, put on Elf and get ready to make a super cute Christmas and winter centerpiece. After you drank wine from that blog wine glass all semester, now it’s time to recycle all those empty win bottles into a craft.

Marissa Vick, an ASU student, is always looking for ways to recycle things in her apartment. “I think recycling wine bottles into a craft is the perfect way to decorate and do something great for the environment.”

Briana Galati, Vick’s roommate, agrees as well. “I never thought to use bottles for decorations but I’m open to anything!”

As probably one of the easiest crafts posted in a while, this craft will take less than an hour to make and win light up your place with a cheery Christmas spirit.

Of course you will have more than three bottles to use, so below is a list of other great ways to use those bottles again!

Cork Jewelry Hanger

Bottle Corner Decorations

12 Ways to Recycle Those Wine Bottles



Aren’t they just beautiful? Who knew salt would look so much like snow!

Happy Crafting! ❤


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