About the Blog

Crafting for College is a fun, creative blog for all of you collegiate scholars who also have a love for glitter, glue, paint, rhinestones and the personal favorite, modge podge! Here you can explore and find great do-it-yourself weekend projects as well as ways to spruce up your dorm room or apartment while having fun with friends and roommates. Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate smart or change things up with the seasons and holidays.So get out there and show your individuality and creativity through these crafts that won’t break your already shrinking wallet.


Crafting isn’t just for kids anymore.

Now, crafts can delight and inspire all demographics while simultaneously providing numerous health benefits. According to Nancy Monson’s Craft to Heal: Taking Time Out to Pursue a Hobby Can Have Benefits, “over three-quarters of American households have at least one family member who spends an average of 7.5 hours weekly engaged in crafting or hobbies.” While this may seem like too much time to dedicate to crafting, any time spent crafting can help you relax and distress. The Journal of the American Medical Association found in a study that crafts such as knitting or sewing was the least stressful leisure activity (compared to video and card games) as it produced drops in heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration.



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