Something Else You Can Cut Besides Class

College football, student sections and hot weather can only mean one thing: it’s T-shirt cutting season! Let’s face it, cutting up T-shirts is as common in college as football tailgates and drunk fraternity guys. Especially in Arizona, where the sun is our friend for practically the entire year, nobody wants to wear unflattering T-shirts let alone anything with sleeves that can produce sweaty pit stains. And the best part about cutting up this staple fashion item is you can cut as little or as much as your heart desires. But, you ask, what are the different ways I can cut up a T-shirt? How can I, the least crafty person in the world, actually cut a shirt and make it cute? It is surprisingly a very simple process (and cheap one, too)!

Melanie Weitzel, 21 and a senior at Arizona State University, has been to every football game since freshman year. “I enjoy cutting up T-shirts for the football games,” she said.  “It creates a camaraderie  among students and ASU gives us so many gold T-shirts you have to start getting creative with them!”

One easy-to-make T-shirt idea is to fringe it. That’s right, fringe! According to Elle, the fringe trend is great look to rock in moderation. You can even add beads to the fringe to achieve an even more ’70s hippie look. Check out instructions and photos on how to get this summer and fall trend!

What You’ll Need

1. Any T-shirt you wish to transform

2. A pair of scissors


1. Start by laying the T-shirt flat on your table.

2. Starting on the side, cut small strips up into the T-shirt. You can determine how long and thick you want the fringe to be. Continue cutting around entire shirt until it is all fringed.

3. Gently pull on the fringed pieces to curl them up a little bit.

4. For an off-the-shoulder look just cut a few inches around the  top neckline and slide it off your shoulder.

5. Cut the hemmed seam off the sleeves for a more rouged, ’70s vibe.

You’re all done! You can do this to any shirt that you want to recycle or need to update. You can even use the fringe look as a bathing suit coverup for parties.

Lauren’s version of the fringe look paired with pink shorts.

Here are some Youtube videos for you to get even more creative with your T-shirt cutting designs!

Now that you’ve styled your own T-shirt, go wear it to a sporting event, to class or even out to the mall!

Happy crafting! ❤